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Calling All Early-Career Researchers!

Are you an early-career life sciences researcher in search of funding opportunities? If so, you likely know about the Career Development Programs (K-Series) at the NIH, but you might not be aware that the Department of Defense also funding career development through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). Many programs under the CDMRP umbrella offer career development awards and/or awards that either allow or are even set aside solely for postdoctoral or junior investigator applicants. These are often 2- to 3-year awards with budget limits of $100k to $300k, but this varies by program and year to year. Idea development awards or concept awards are also often available to early-career researchers.

Currently there are FY22 awards available for postdocs or early-career investigators in the following CDMRP programs:

Don’t see your field on this list? I encourage you to visit the current funding opportunities at CDMRP nonetheless. There are yet other awards that have no restrictions on the PI's academic standing, including funding for orthopedic research, vision research, and more.

Unsure how to get started? Contact me asap for a free 1-hour consultation on how to apply and how I can help you develop an application that will appeal to the DoD.

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