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Let's talk about your editing needs. Where are you at in the process? Whether you're still searching for grant opportunities or close to submission deadline, I can help.

Possible services include: 

  • Comprehensive developmental editing: If you know what you want to say but just don't quite have all the pieces together, you might need this service, which may include large changes to the application to ensure it meets requirements of the funding opportunity announcement and aligns with the objectives of the grantor. 

  • Scientific feedback: Though you know your science best, a fresh set of eyes can make a difference in peer review. As a PhD scientist, I can provide feedback on your proposal, including but not limited to alignment of aims and hypotheses, appropriateness of aims relative to proposed timeline of the grant, consistency of concepts, alignment of methods to aims, relevance of references and/or preliminary work to proposed work, etc.

  • Feedback on figures and tables: Your data is exciting, but let's make sure the story it's telling is clear to someone outside the lab. This service will be limited to feedback on clarity of the information presented in figures or tables (in the context of the narrative) through a scientist’s eye. 

  • Editing for readability, clarity, and flow: Readability and clarity are also essential elements of a successful grant application. The purpose, goals, and methods must be clearly communicated for favorable scores from reviewers. This service is also performed relatively rapidly by Artemis Editing.

  • Application compliance check: This includes cross-referencing the funding opportunity announcement / application instructions to ensure all required documents are present and in the appropriate order and format. Though many clients will have existing personnel for this service at their own institution, in my experience, applications are still often submitted with missing documents or other funding opportunity alignment issues. An additional compliance check is worth avoiding the pain of having to resubmit or having an application rejected for non-compliance.

  • Proofreading / copy editing: I will look closely for any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It is highly recommended that this service be selected, as frequent errors can result in reviewer comments such as “sloppy” or “hastily assembled” and may cast an overall unfavorable view from a panel. This service is performed very rapidly by Artemis Editing and adds minimal time and cost.

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Hypothesis and Aim Composition and Alignment

Too many applications fail to clear the first hurdle of peer review: a well-crafted hypothesis. I will review your hypotheses and aims for coherence, alignment, and composition, and meet with you via Zoom and provide feedback on your document (up to 2 hours work plus Zoom) for a discounted package rate of $250. Contact me to schedule!

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Whether you are looking for a quick copy edit or a substantive review, a competitive hourly rate applies. Alternatively, we can discuss what services I can provide within a particular budget. Students and postdocs: please inquire about discounted rates!

With your investment, you'll get:

  • Expertise: With experience as a laboratory scientist, educator, and grant review professional, I provide a rare skillset. I know what the review panels are looking for and who gets the high scores, and I apply that frame of reference to your grant application.

  • Autonomy: You control the depth and breadth of the feedback. Don't want comments on figures and tables? No problem. Need a compliance check and copy editing but don't need feedback on aims? It's up to you.

  • Honesty: I won't ever charge more than I work, and caps for time spent can be discussed and adhered to.

  • Quality: I will provide a thorough and careful review of your grant with exceptional attention to detail. I stand by the quality of my work.

  • Security: Our collaborative work takes place in a secure, password-accessed, online client portal.

  • Efficiency: No more back-and-forth communication lost in a sea of emails--we'll communicate through a secure client portal where you can keep track of our progress.


Turnaround time for editing services depends on several factors, including:

  • My current availability

  • Length of the application

  • Services needed

  • Application due date

Once we have an opportunity to discuss your specific needs, we can determine a timeline for services. 

If the application is due in less than 2 weeks, an expedited rate may apply, and depending on the size of the application, services may be limited to:

  • Feedback on figures and tables

  • Editing for readability, clarity and flow

  • Proofreading / copy editing

  • Application compliance check

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