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Expert guidance in grantsmanship.
Helping you hit the mark in funding success.

Emilie is incredibly knowledgeable about DoD grants and is an excellent communicator. She provided thoughtful and thorough feedback to help our research team develop a highly compelling preproposal that was invited to a full proposal by the DoD. We highly recommend working with Emilie! -- Kaylynn Coates, Office of Research Development, Cleveland Clinic


As a former Scientific Review Officer, I can demystify the peer review process. I've read countless grant applications and managed peer review meetings for over 5 years. I've watched closely as each of these applications were discussed and scored. I've written hundreds of score summary reports, and I've seen which applications score well...and which don't.

The funding landscape is too competitive to not invest in a pre-review. As your partner in this process, I will be that extra set of eyes--eyes that look from an outside perspective but with the expertise of a PhD scientist and the lens of a peer review specialist.

Your work tells a story--let's make sure that's clear. Applications that succeed at peer review are not only well-constructed but also command attention. At Artemis Editing, I aim to help you showcase your work and craft your grant application into a clear, strong, compelling narrative.

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